Located within the Radisson Blu Resort, Athénée Thalasso is an exceptional place of 3,500 m² dedicated to well-being and beauty treatment with seaweed products; all the architectural details have been designed to make of this place a relaxation-cocoon. The combination of precious marble and exotic wood reflects an Asian-inspired environment with an oriental touch dominated by open spaces bathed in abundant light.
The breathtaking sea view and the palm grove extend the two central levels equipped with 67 cabins, a suspended indoor / outdoor leisure sea water pool heated to 33° and a second seawater care pool.
The staff’s skillfulness and friendliness in addition to the variety of offered treatments forged the international reputation of Athénée Thalasso and helped build a loyal clientele base. The Athénée Thalasso is a reference for spa guests from around the world.
A range of energy therapy and marine treatments is proposed so that loyal customers can recover tonicity and vitality in sovereign princes-like pleasure and tranquility.
Signature treatments based on traditional techniques such as Kobido, Tuina, Chi Nei Tsang ... as well as "Land & Marine" Coachings promise moments of relaxation.
Athénée Thalasso offers a privileged discovery of original treatment menus such as the dates delight, the oriental menu and the Thalaspa menu, which help ease tension and allow guests to decompress mentally and physically awakening the pleasure of all senses.
A totally sensory experience where cutting edge technology meets the art of "WELFARE".

Athénée Thalasso 
P.O. Box 712
4128 Djerba - Tunisie
+216 75 757 610
+216 75 757 611

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