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Carrefour adopts government initiative and presents a range of recyclable bags  Ulysse Hyper Distribution 05/05/2017
Agreement between the UTIC Group and the Austrian Mayr-Melnhof Packaging (MMP)  STEM 02/05/2017
In Djerba, the thalassotherapy at the Athénée and the Ulysse is  Thalassothérapie 28/04/2017
Vivo Energy Tunisia and Car Pro sign a partnership agreement  Sotradies 20/04/2017
Awaken your senses to the warmth of Djerba  Thalassothérapie 06/04/2015
Thermalies 2015, the spa appointment  Thalassothérapie 10/02/2015
Tripadvisor Traveler's Choice 2015  Athénée Palace 07/02/2015
PointM Magazine N° 44  Point M 01/02/2015
PointM Magazine N° 43  Point M 03/09/2014
PointM Magazine N° 41  Point M 12/05/2014
PointM Magazine April 2014 - N° 40  Point M 03/04/2014
STEM received a prize in Section Finishing Technique for packaging Dates.  STEM 26/03/2014
Perfumery Point M Carrefour hosted the launch of the brand parisie  Point M 17/02/2014
The Carita brand available exclusively  Ulysse Négoce 31/12/2013
« Quality Award » Luxair Tours  Athénée Palace 31/01/2014
The label « Green Key » for both Radisson Djerba  Athénée Palace 20/01/2014
PointM Magazine - 39  Point M 20/01/2014
The Park Inn Djerba becomes Radisson Blu and strengthens the Athenee Palace  Ulysse Palace 10/10/2013
Opening a new Carrefour Market  Ulysse Hyper Distribution 05/10/2013
Point M launched its Facebook pages  Point M 05/10/2013
PointM Magazine September 2013  Point M 05/10/2013
Perfume Carven for sale in Point M shops  Point M 15/07/2013
Zoover Recommended 2013  Athénée Palace 04/06/2013
« Olives & Oliviers » in the 750g le Mag  Ulysse Agro Industries 01/06/2013
PointM Magazine May 2013  Point M 25/05/2013
Competition AVPA - Paris Gourmet - Oils World  Ulysse Agro Industries 15/05/2013
Pickles & Olives Olives in Kitchen Guide  Ulysse Agro Industries 11/05/2013
Inaugural flight Luxair Tours  Athénée Palace 11/05/2013
Opening of the 30th Carrefour Market  Ulysse Hyper Distribution 26/04/2013
Tunisia-Carrefour: month birthday festivities and a lot of gifts  Ulysse Hyper Distribution 19/04/2013

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