UHD (Ulysse Hyper Distribution) is one of the major players in Tunisia’s retail sector. It all started on April 16, 2001 when UHD opened the first hypermarket in Tunisia under the Carrefour banner. The innovative concept of "everything under one roof", with its shopping & pleasure dimension, was a resounding success with customers.
Building on this success, UHD introduced, supermarket format which offers customers "the choice close to home".
Thanks  to  a steady pace of new store openings and the acquisition in 2006 of a local supermarket chain, UHD now has a widespread network of around 80 supermarkets well located throughout Tunisia. In addition, as part of the Carrefour Group’s multi-format strategy, all supermarkets became Carrefour Market and Carrefour Express, with a more dynamic growth as first direct impact.

Capitalizing on its alliance with world's number 2 distributor, UHD puts all  its professional expertise at the service of its customers and offers them choice, price and quality, requirements engraved in the fundamentals of UHD.


Ulysse Hyper Distribution
Angle RN9 - RN10

2046 Sidi Daoud, BP 359 - La Marsa
+216 70 011 000 - +216 70 938 000
+216 70 939 591



2017-05-05 : Carrefour adopts government initiative and presents a range of recyclable bags
  The government's decision banning single-use plastic bags can only allow Carrefour Tunisia to continue its commitment to ecology by offering a range of reusable bags, suitable for all uses and needs...
2013-10-05 : Opening a new Carrefour Market
  The UHD's partner and franchisee of Carrefour has opened a new Carrefour Market on last 19 September 2013...
2013-04-26 : Opening of the 30th Carrefour Market
  « Ulysse Hyper Distribution » opened on 11 April 2013, a Carrefour Market in Tunis...
2013-04-19 : Tunisia-Carrefour: month birthday festivities and a lot of gifts
  Carrefour has honored its customers' expectations by a commercial festival on the occasion of his 12th birthday...
2013-04-03 : Opening of the new shopping complex
  Mr. Nabil Chaïbi announces that the commercial project underway in Gabes will be operational in October 2013...
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