Cartonnerie Tunisienne a limited company established in 1982, is located in Enfidha industrial area, 100 km from Tunis. It is now the undisputed market leader of compact cardboard in the local market and one of the major players in the region.
It was able to develop a range of products covering a wide variety of applications:

  • coated cardboard used in the manufacture of folding boxes for the packaging of textiles, footwear, detergents, and other products.
  • Gris- Gris  cardboard  for the manufacture of mandrel and slip-sheets.
  • The uncoated paperboard for the manufacture of coreboards and slip-sheets.
  • cardboard for color files for administrative use.

Cartonnerie Tunisienne has carried out several upgrade programs and its production unit with a capacity of  30 000 tons allows it to meet the needs of the local and regional markets.
In addition to its direct contribution to the protection of the environment, the Cartonnerie Tunisienne has initiated several years ago an ambitious investment program of depollution and control of its industrial waste.

Cartonnerie Tunisienne is equipped with product control means and processes to ensure its customers a standard in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality system.

For several years, Cartonnerie Tunisienne has committed an ambitious investment program to control its industrial waste. The next investments concern a cogeneration project for the optimization and the control of its energy consumption.

Headquarters Address:   




Cartonnerie Tunisienne

17, Rue de l’artisanat Zone Industrielle Ariana
1080 Tunis Carthage B.P. 101

+216 70 837 780 / +216 70 837 847
+216 70 838 611

Zone Industrielle Enfidha B.P. 214

+216 73 250 447
+216 73 250 476


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